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ProMetier offers highly competitive and accurate pricing. This is achieved through optimised planning and resource sourcing and not least, old fashioned hard work and dedication. The company uses a simple and transparent costing method based on time and materials, and does not rely on ‘rule of thumb’ square metre rates.


ProMetier does not hide costs and customers have full visibility of the costing. We offer a free and comprehensive consultation service to capture complete customer requirements from the concept stage. This process enables the customer to develop a solution that is in line with their needs and budget. From this, a full project plan is produced that identifies all costs and risks as well as a timeline. ProMetier undertakes a full risk assessment during the quotation.


ProMetier uses advanced project management techniques to plan and sequence work. The primary aims are to minimise costs and to eliminate programme delays caused by unforeseen events. The company provides a clear timeline for the work during the proposal. In the event of delays, we undertake all reasonable recovery actions.


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Quality is the foundation stone of ProMetier and it is the primary mission of the company to deliver high quality services and products. The company relies on customer satisfaction and recommendations.There are rigorous quality control checks and all  work goes through a formal acceptance process.